Sonje Berg [drums]
Luiggi Caicedo [bass]
Travis MacKay [lead guitar]
Martin Schlömer [vocals/guitar]

Two very different, yet very unique musical paths crossed one day in late October 2000. The Classic Rock and Alternative backgrounds of singer/guitarist Martin Schlomer and drummer Sonje Berg soon merged and began creating the sound of West Rd. It was not until the summer of 2003, with the addition of bassist Luiggi Caicedo, did the current sound of West Rd really begin to form. The addition of lead guitarist Travis MacKay in the summer of 2004 completed the journey to bring rock back to its classic roots. With a unique look, and a blend of multiple styles of music from the past 40 years, west rd is a band that is an immediate crowd pleaser. Relying heavily on their lyrics, this band offers a connection to their fans through a multitude of songs. They also offer a connection to their fans through close relationships and interactions with the community on and off the stage.

The roots of the band stem to a small loft in the hall by St Augustine church in Culver City, CA. Martin had just moved out to California to pursue work in the audio post production market. After teaching MIDI and Digital Audio at Full Sail in Orlando, Florida he decided he needed a change of pace. Sonje had just moved back to California from Colorado where he had recently graduated from the United States Air Force Academy. They both became members of the parish at St. Augustine and in the beginning of 2001 began writing their first songs together as a group...albeit a group of two. Some of the earliest songs (Touched, Journey's Song, and Questions of Life) are still being played today, and are some of their more popular tunes. Searching for that elusive third member proved trying, as the band went through    3 bass players before Luiggi joined the band in the summer of 2003. Once the band had a stable third member, the music really started to develop into the sound you hear today. Songs such as "Everything" and "All is Fair" really show how the band is embracing the classic rock genre and blending that into the modern rock outlet. This past summer, West Rd added the fourth and final member of the band. Most songs feature a strong lead guitar, and in coordination with their strong lyrics, those two elements drive many of their songs. Some of their most recent material (I Alone and Traveler) show the unique development of the rock/blues classic rock sounds that shines through with this band. Throughout the years, the bands determination and vision is proving to be a successful equation in developing great music that will stand the test of time.